Trekking Bomboya Colca 5 days

Trekking Bomboya Colca 5 days

5 Days Trekking; we will reach an altitude of 5245m above sea level. We will ascend the Andes and will descend the Colca Canyon, the most famous Canyon in the world.


Day 1: Arequipa – Colca Canyon

We start our journey in Arequipa with our private transport to visit the national park Aguada Blanca. Afterwards we will continue to Chivay where we will have lunch. Overnight in Cabanaconde.


Day 2: Colca – Cruz del Condor – Bomboya

Today we will visit the famous view point “Cruz del Condor” (3600m) where we will spend about one hour observing the majestic flight of the Condor, one of the largest birds in the world. Afterwards we will continue to the village Madrigal where we will start our ascend to an altitude of 4500m above sea level.


Day 3: First Camp Bomboya and descend

After breakfast we will ascend the Bomboya in 5245m. During all the trek we are accompanied by our mule and our guide. After a descend of 3 hours we will reach the forest of Quenuales where we spend the night.


Day 4: Tapay - Oasis

After breakfast we will trek to an Oasis (2000 m above sea level) where we can relax in a natural pool (20°C). Overnight


Day 5: Sangalle – Cabanaconde – Chivay – Arequipa

Today we will start our 4 hours journey to Cabanaconde very early in the morning. In the beginning we will need our flashlights, later we can see a beautiful sunrise. In Cabanaconde will be our breakfast spot. Afterwards we will continue to Chivay where we have the possibility to relax in a hot pool (40°C). After our lunch we will start our return to Arequipa.


Price per person in a group with at least 2 persons. In January and February won’t be any tour.



private transport, official tourist guide, food during the trek, necessary equipment for the ascend (crampon, pick and ropes), one night in hotel in Cabanaconde with breakfast, one night in hotel in Oasis Paraiso Ecolodge with private bath


Not included:

Snacks and drinks, ticket Colca-Valley, ticket therm (optional), food in town (Cabanaconde, Chivay), last lunch