Trekking Andagua expedition 5 days

Trekking Andagua expedition 5 days

This trekking tour in the Colca Canyon is done by only 10 groups per year. This tour makes it possible to cross the Andes in just 5 days. We are starting at an altitude of about 2.000m above sea level and reach a maximum of 5.200m about sea level, when crossing the Pass Serani. Our destination is the Valley of the Volcanoes.


Day 1: Arequipa – Chivay - Cabanaconde - Choco – Miña

Early in the morning, at 03.00 a.m., we start our tour in the touristic transport towards the Colca Canyon. After three hours we arrive approx. at 06.00 a.m. in Chivay to have a delicious breakfast.
Then we continue our ride to the Cruz del Condor. Here we can appreciate the majestic flight of the Andean Condor for 45 minutes. After this experience we drive to Cabanaconde to change into another car, which will take us in 2 hours to Choco. There we start to walk, after about 2 hours and 30 minutes of walking we will have lunch from our lunch box around 12.30 p.m.. About an hour later we continue to walk for about 3 hours more, going through different landscapes, cultivated terraces, flora on the canyon walls and an oasis. Today our target is to reach Miña (3,300 meters), with its straw roofs appearing amidst fields of green maize, where we will spend our first night.


Total amount of walking: 5 hours / 18 kilometers

Meals: Breakfast, lunch box, dinner


Day 2: Miña – Llama Coral – Serani

After having our breakfast at 07.00 a.m., we will leave at around 09.00 a.m. and start with today's trek. It is a long trek today and will last about 4 to 5 hours. On our way we will pass through Llama Coral before arrving to Serani at our camp about 2 p.m.. There we will spend the afternoon and also have lunch. After a relaxing afternoon in Serani we are going to have our dinner at about 07.00 p.m. and also spend there our second night. We enjoy our dinner around a campfire with a relaxing atmosphere.


Total amount of walking: 5 hours / 14 kilometers

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner


Day 3: Serani – Andagua
We will have breakfast at 08.00 a..m and start with the tour at around 09.30 a.m.
Today we will walk 4 hours until we arrive to Estancia, where we catch a bus which takes us to Niruanhi. After arriving in Niruanhi we take another bus, which will take us to Andagua at around 05.00 p.m. (addicional cost is covered by Incaventura). Andagua is 3,600 metres over sea level, we will spend our third night here. Andagua is also known as El valle de los volcanos" (valley of the Volcanoes).


Total amount of walking: 4 hours / 18 kilometers

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Day 4: Andagua – Arequipa
After having our breakfast at around 08.30 a.m. we are going to start our trek of only about 1 hour and 30 minutes to the twin volcanos. Then we will start our walk back and have lunch in Andagua.
Afterwards we start our way back to Arequipa and retun to Arequipa at 03.00 am in a local bus.


Total amount of walking: 3 hours / 6 kilometers

Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Day 5: Arrival Arequipa
We arrive to Arequipa approx. at 03.00 a.m.



Price per person, based on a tour for at least 2 people



- touristic transport
- Guide
- Camping equipment
- Cooking equipment
- Mules to carry the equipment (15 kg per person)
- All food during trekking (omelettes, soups, fresh fruits, pasta, rice, meat, all carbohydrate-rich to compensate the physical effort of the trek, and also coca mates to help dealing with the altitude)


- Touristic ticket to the Colca Valley
- Personal equipment and trekking equipment
- Water
- Snacks


What to bring
- Sleeping bag (-15°C)
- Trekking shoes
- Trekking equipment
- Sun hat
- Bonnet
- Clothes for warm and cold temperatures
- Backpack
- Water bottle
- Headlamp
- Sun cream
- Sun glasses
- Camera
- Plastic bags
- pastilles
- Water



- A sleeping bag and a backpack are highly necessary. It is possible to rent them in Arequipa.
- Concerning water, it is possible to buy some in the villages we cross. We can also fill our water bottle in rivers if we purify it before. During sunny conditions, you are likely to consume approximately a 1/2 litre of water per hour. It is recommended to carry at least 1,5 litres per day. We also recommend that you carry chocolates, sweets or snacks.