The Route Ampato Colca 4 days

The Route Ampato Colca 4 days

4-Day-Adventure in combined and exclusive routes. Arequipa (2332m) – Huanca (2970m) – Cabanaconde (3252m) – Cruz del Condor, Chivay (3600m).


Day 1: Arequipa, Soccoquilla, Santuario Huanca

In the morning we will leave Arequipa with private transport with direction Sonccoquilla/Hunca (Inka ruins). On our way we will stop for a few times to watch the beautiful changing landscape. In Huanca we will observe the sanctuary of Huanca and have lunch. In the afternoon we will visit other places of interest in Huanca which are the natural living spaces of a special red lizard. Overnight in Huanca.


Day 2: Huanca Lluta, Canyon of Pichrigma, Huambo, Cabanaconde

After breakfast we start our colorful and spectacular journey to Pichrigma. We visit the village Lluta where we have a spectacular view over Coropuna, Ampato, Solimana and Chachani. We pass through different climate zones. Overnight in Cabanaconde.


Day 3: Cabanaconde, Aguas Termales, Tuti

After breakfast in Cabanaconde we will continue our way to Tuti where we will have lunch. After Check-In in the hotel we visit and enjoy hot springs (38°C). In the afternoon we will visit pre-Columbian ruins.


Day 4: Tuti, Aguada Blanca, Arequipa

Today we will reach the highest point of our jouney (4900m). At the end of the day we will arrive in Arequipa.



private transport, official Touristguide, Overnight in Bungalows, Food during the trek

The food includes Omelettes, Soups, fresh fruits, Avocado, Pasta, Rice, Meat which is all with important carbohydrates we need for our trek. Hot drinks like Coca-Tee helps us to get used with the altitude.


Not included:

Ticket Colca Canyon, ticket hot springs (optional), food in the town, personal clothes and equipment for hiking


What you should bring:

Walking boots, socks & trousers, Sun blocker and hat, warm cap, thermoshirts, swimming clothes, sun glasses, backpack, waterproof jacket and trousers, flashlight, personal medicines, camera, sponge bag, sandals, plastic bag, bag for documents and money



It is important just to bring the necessary things. You won’t need a sleeping bag. Water can be bought in all the villages we come through or you can take water from little streams which we will prepare to drink.