Climbing Alpamayo 8 days

Climbing Alpamayo 8 days

Climbing Cordillera Alpamayo is 5947m high and is known as one of the most prettiest mountains in the north of the Peruvian Cordillera Blanca. An impressive landscape as well as an exciting trekking are waiting for you.


Day 1: CARAZ - HUALCALLAN (3150 metres) - HUISHCASH (4320 metres)
From Caraz, we go to the village of Hualcayán, where there are pre-Incan archeological remains (named Hualcayán too). We also have a look at chullpas (stone tombs). This village is a good first step to get used to altitude, but also to share local costums with the inhabitants. The path zigzags and goes uphill, however, the view on the colored hills and on the river Santa de Fondo is each time more impressive. Today, we stay in Huiscash, which means Vizcacha in quechua, and from where the sunset makes us breathless.

Day 2: HUISHCASH - OSORURISH (4550 metres)
We leave very early to go and see the lagoons of Yanacocha and Azulcocha. Then, we go to the lagoon of Cullicocha, with a view on the impressive Santa Cruz peak (6259 metres). Later on, we get to the passage of Osoruri (4850 metres), from where we see Milluacocha peak (5480) and other cliffs. We set up a campsite in Osoruri and spend the night there.

Day 3: OSORURISH - JANCARURISH (4250 metres)
After having gone through Alpamayo peak (4750 metres), we climb down to the village of Alpamayo, where we will have the opportunity to see pre-Incan farms and houses. After a little rest, we go on until we reach Jancarurish, where we enjoy the view on Jancarurish and Alpamayo snowy peaks (5601 metres and 5947 metres).

We will quickly visit Jancarurish lagoon and the base camp of Quitaraju peak. For lunch, we will prepare a Pachamanca, a typical andean dish, based on meat and tubers cooked in an undergroud stone oven.

Day 5: JANCARURISH - SAFUNA (4000 metres)
After having left Alpamayo valley and gone through the Cara Cara passage (4850 metres), we will go to Callejón de Conchucos, from where it is possible to see Tayapampa, Pilanko and Ucahirca Norte peaks (5675 metres, 5300 metres, 6046 metres).

Day 6: SAFUNA - YANACOLLPA (3800 metres)
While going down, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the sight of Safuna lagoons and of many typical villages.

Day 7: YANACOLLPA - POMABAMBA (2850 metres)
The last part of our trekking is very colorful, as we go through various fields and villages. Once arrived in Pomabamba, we will go to the thermal baths to relax and rest a little.
Night in a hotel.

On our way back, we cross Conchucos zone and Portachuelo passage (4767 metres), before going through Llanganuco lagoons and heading up to Huaraz.


Price per person, based on a tour for at least 2 persons



-english or spanish speaking guide
-in case of more than 8 persons additional guide
-all ransports from Huarez until the end of the trip
-tent for two persons
-air matress
-tents for eating, cooking and bath
-crockery, tables, chairs, lamps,
-meals during the trek (optional vegeterian)
-in case of more than 6 persons, additional cook
-donkey (10-15kg per person) and animal guide
-in case of more than 5 persons, a mule for emergencies
-24/7 personal assistence due to our guides and agency
-entrance national park Huascarán
-entrance Hualcayán
-entrance Cashapampa
-entrance Vaquería
-transport to and from bus terminal Huarez
-two nights in a hotel in Huaraz